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  • Are all of the Parasure Organics sanitising range organic?
    Yes! all of our Parasure Organics sanitising products are 100% organic Parasure Organics has created a unique natural selection of sanitising products that are 100% Organic. This means they use sustainable ingredients, are not tested on animals, suitable for vegans, and incorporate Eco-friendly packaging. Derived from renowned and proven centuries-old solutions, the organic ingredients including orange pips and pith oil give the products a light but pleasant aroma creating a calm, clean environment assuring you that the highest level of decontamination has been achieved.
  • Are you based in the UK?
    Yes we are based in the UK and manufacture all of our products in the UK!
  • Can I use the Parasure Organic Hand Balm to sanitise my hands?
    Yes of course you can! There is a 4-hour residual efficacy claim which means the balm remains active on your hands for 4 hours after application giving peace of mind to all who use it.
  • Can I use the Parasure Organic Surface Spray to clean a surface?
    Yes you can use our Organic Surface Spray to clean a wide range of surfaces. Offering a 2-hour residual efficacy claim against many pathogens and including Covid 19. The Parasure Organics Surface Spray comes in different applications depending on the size of the area to be sanitised.
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