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In the UK, a company is using 100 per cent organic ingredients to offer environmentally friendly, sustainable, sanitising products for hands and body as well as room and surface disinfectants. ParaSure Organics was founded by Pete Newson and Cindy Graham, who set up the business after spending 25 years in the global decontamination industry.

“ParaSure was established due to our experience in global infection control in hospitals, where we saw how medical grade sanitisers, disinfectants and even body washes used so many chemicals which are harmful to personnel, patients and the environment,” Cindy Graham says.

“We decided to create our own portfolio of medical grade products for cleaning, disinfecting and toiletries which only use 100% organic, UK sourced ingredients. All the products are supported by white papers and are all fragranced using essential oils and the skin products are enhanced with emollients.

“Our sanitising hand gels and balms come in a choice of 40 fragrances and can be branded according to the client. They offer moisturising properties as well as a four-hour residual efficacy – they remain active after application. We also have surface disinfectants which will not degrade any surface.

“We’ve also just launched our range of body washes and hand cream (with sanitiser) which are proving very popular in hotels, spas and saunas already. There’s a choice of 40 organic essential oils that can be added to give a pleasant fragrance – and which can be chosen to create a specific fragrance for an establishment.

“We have invested in ensuring that all of our claims are substantiated and are proud to be certified Vegan, Halal, Peta, Organic, Dermatologically safe and Sea Shepherd. We also hold UK Health and Safety Executive certificates for all of our products.”

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